Posted by: atowhee | January 28, 2015


I first heard this poem on “Prairie Home Companion” last weekend.


by Kirsten Dierking

P2090637 (1280x960)
What if a sleek, grey-feathered nuthatch

flew from a tree and offered to perch

on your left shoulder, accompany you

on all your journeys? Nowhere fancy,

just the brief everyday walks, from garage

to house, from house to mailbox, from

the store to your car in the parking lot.


The slight pressure of small claws

clasping your skin, a flutter of wings

every so often at the edge of vision.


And what if he never asked you to be

anything? Wouldn’t that be so much

nicer than being alone? So much easier

than trying to think of something to say?


  1. Nice poem, thanks for sharing!

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