Posted by: atowhee | January 28, 2015


P2300660 (1280x960)Mt. Shasta, resting up for her next eruption.  I’m a married man, of course all volcanoes are “she.”  Ashes to ashes is the volcanic pledge.DOKWO SIDEWYSThis photo above is properly oriented.  Downys do it sideways.  Below a trio of Ring-billed Ducks, formerly known as Ring-necked by some observers with no common sense. RND-THREELewis’s in flight.LEW FLIZ2 (1280x960)lew look LEW ON LIM LEWO FLIZBelow, evidence that some animals understand the principle of rapid transit.  Vole speedways, built to aid movement through mountain meadow when there was snow.   Clearly we need more voles and fewer rats in Congress.VOLE TRANSITakimboGreat Blue Dryer, with wings akimbo.   Western Bluebird male.P2300450 (1280x960) P2300653 (1280x960)Sleeping momma merganser, Common style.  Nextm another ring-billed Duck in evening glow. P2300655 (1280x960) RSH LOOKS BKWRDLooking over his Red-shoulder. RSH SIDEVUrsh frontSame Red-shoulder, different day, different view.  A regular around Ashland Pond and a real screamer. SUNSET DUXMommas both, Bufflehead on the right, Mallard on the left.  Does not necessarily reflect their political views.  And a Raven is a lovesome thing…to another Raven.P2310104 (1280x960)fosp leansFox Sparrow, stable above, in motion below.fosp flies  gudbird, bad liteGood bird, bad light… one of our White-throated Winter-sparrows.  rth with nesttRed-tail on sentinel duty at nest in cottonwoods along Bear Creek.  This may be the fourth straight year they’ve used this next site.

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