Posted by: atowhee | January 25, 2015


My friend Emmalisa has been frustrated in her attempts to get shots of the locally uncommon wintering sparrows…White-throated at Ashland Pond, Swamp at North Mountain.  All that changed yesterday.  Witness:geeseTwo Greater White-fronted geese and some domestic Graylags on Billings Ranch.  Note: no White-front was found in that area on the Ashland Christmas Count. geese2 hoodedmerganserTrio of Hoodies on Ashland Pond.  At North Mountain there were kids and noise around the feeders so it was hard to find any sparrows, but this one guy did pose briefly the the feeder…well, shucks, it’s probably the only Swamp Sparrow in the county. sparrow whitethroatedsparrow whitethroatedsparrow2Besides these intimate shots of the oft-elusive White-throat, the resident Wrentit made an appearance, not simply his usual concert from a hideout. wrentitAll photos by Emmalisa Whalley.


  1. For Harry’s Towhee followers, here’s some January shots N. Mt. Park, Emigrant Lk, Ashland Pond Enjoy

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