Posted by: atowhee | January 17, 2015


UPDATE:  possibly a $25 word to describe this bird? “schizochroism: washed-out plumage from a lack of a pigment.”

Having studied no formal biology since high school, I am now officially out of my scientific depth.

Here’s how my Cambridge Encyclopedia of Ornithology deals with the definitions involved in this individual: “A reduction in the intensity of all pigments is called dilution or leucism….Schizochroism is the absence of one or more normally occurring pigments.”

Unusual leucistic Varied Thrush.  Photos by my brother-in-law, Michael Tout, in his garden in Eureka, CA.PALE VATH2 (1280x960) PALE VATH3 (1280x960) PALE VATH4 PALE VATH5Below: normal Varied Thrush on same feeder in same light conditions. REG VATH (1280x960)


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