Posted by: atowhee | January 10, 2015


3buff (1280x960)Putnam’s Point on Klamath Lake: Barrow’s Goldeneye, lotsa Buffleheads, Hooded Merganser. Most of the lake is iced over. 3-dux (1280x960) Bargo (1280x960) BARGO2 (1280x960)Male Barrow’s up close.  Below: adult Golden eagle in California along Stateline Road, Klamath NWR. GE -CU (1280x960) ice house pond (1280x960)Ice House Lake, iced.  View across frozen flooded fields in Klamath Basin.  Temps onThursday afternoon were in the high forties but much of the ground and water was frozen solid. ICY VIEW (1280x960) kite yng 4 (1280x960)Young kite at Ashland Pond.  The population of White-tailed Kites in Ashland area is now centered north of I-5 along Butler Creek Road and Mountain Blvd.  This species was also seen along Bear Creek on Christmas  Count, but not found further southeast arouns Enigrant Lake.kite yng 5 (1280x960)  kite yng back (1280x960) kite yng back2 (1280x960) kite-yng1 (1280x960) kite-yng2 (1280x960)P2290294 (1280x960) kite-yng3 (1280x960) MALLARD CALMYoung female Mallard, her beak starting to turn adult orange.  Below: McLoughlin looking pristine and volcanic. mcloughlin (1280x960)  SHSTA-SUNZET (1280x960)Mt. Shasta sunset.  Tundra Swans passing by. TUSW V (1280x960) WCS-HAndsum (1280x960)Handsome is as handsome does–White-crowned Sparrow posing, Ashland Pond.

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