Posted by: atowhee | January 1, 2015


BE-ATTOP (1280x960)There were two adult Bald Eagles spooking the ducks on Oaks Bottom in Portland today.  They landed in two nearby trees overlooking the pond. BE-UPP1 (1280x960)PINTAIL+Pintail, Mallard and two Wigeon.  Below: three Common Mergansers. COME--TRIO (1280x960) GET-BGreen-winged teal.  Big one on the right, Moma Mallard. GWT COVE GWT-A LOGRHTHYMI seem to be trailed by otter. This one was on and off a half-submerged log near a viewpoint.  We admired his log rhythm and his condition which looked like he was dripping wet and  being “otterlogged.”  Oaks Bottom is only a short swim up a sidestream from the Willamette River. OAKS-OTTR FISH OAKS-OTTR1 OAKS-OTTR2 OAKS-OTTR3 OAKS-OTTR4 OAKS-OTTR6 OTTR-LOGGED

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