Posted by: atowhee | December 16, 2014


Well, we’ve survived the Ides of December, and to quote Noel Coward “Christmas is at our throats again.”  Meanwhile the birds don’t have to go shopping, trim a tree, buy stuff nobody wants or needs, and then eat and drink waaaay too much.  But they sing some fine carols nonetheless.  Just today I some siskins sizzling in the alder tops.  Ever heard a Steller’s Jay complain of over-indulging?

Some birds of the holiday season feeling jolly and bright:P2260979 (1280x960) The Junco seems to be ubiquitous this time of year.  Fortunately they out-number humans on this continent almost two to one.  There can be up to three Dwonys in our garden simultaneously.  Like this one.  They’re all suet monsters.  P2260983 (1280x960) turk-wars1 (1280x960) The male Wild Turkeys have testosterone in their blood and blood in their eyes.  Aggression breaks out frequently.turk-wars2 (1280x960) turk-wars3 (1280x960)tuff tuirk2 (1280x960) soda mtn (1280x960)Snow on Soda Mountain. P2270210 (1280x960)Lewis’s Woodpecker along Hwy 66. frog crk2 (1280x960)Frog Creek off Cove Road in the cascades. frog crk1 (1280x960)

Three on a log, left to right: cormorant, male Hooded Merganser, female Gadwall, swimming Pied-billed Grebe.  Ashland Pond where Gadwalls are irregular visitors.



3 on log

Lesser Goldfinch on fountain cover, now a swimming pool.ftn finchs moss birdsThese Houe Sparrows are finding something to eat in the small moss tufts on this stone retaining wall.  Below: merganser and a Gadwallg…now off the lof P2270052

Then with rapt attention, the raptor line-up at Ashland Pond:coop1 COOP3 The Cooper’s hawk and the Red-shouldered were both in the tall cottonwoods along Ashland Creek between the sewer plant and Ashland Pond.  That was a couple days ago just about dusk.P2270045

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