Posted by: atowhee | December 8, 2014


For several days I have been camera-stalking the otters in Ashland Pond.  They were just here…  Bad light…  Wind and waves…  They are on the other side of the pond…  They disappear into the willows and go quiet…  They surface and dive within three seconds or less…missed ’em.  Until this morning…when one was eating his fishy brunch in full view.OT-1 OT-2 OT-3 OT-5 OT-6Today I saw only a single otter, not a pair as has been the case most days recently.


Evidence of beaver dining, chewed off willow sprouts near Ashland Creek.

BVR FOOD (1280x960)Here’s a surprise siskin sharing with Junco. PISI ON TRAY SISKIYOUSFinally, a little snow on Mt. Ashland. SJ BACK SJ FLUTTR SJ FOOD1 (1) SJ FOOD1Spotted Towhee appears to be speaking. SPTO MOUTHBT BLURD (1280x960)Bushtit. BT HANGZ (1280x960) BT UPP (1280x960) GBH PLUMES (1280x960)Great Blue windswept plumage.  Handsome buck along Granite Street. HNDSUM hwk Red-tailed Hawk in the air.

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