Posted by: atowhee | December 6, 2014


There is not much snow in the mountains hereabouts, but we do have a small drift of snow in the valley. Five Snow Geese remain at Emigrant Lake.  Our high for the Ashland Christmas Count was ten in 2010.  Maybe these will stick around for four more weeks.  The ground is still soft and the exposed lakebed is becoming pastureland for geese and Mallards.SNOG X 5MALL MASS P2260200 (1280x960) P2260213 (1280x960) This adult White-crowned Sparrow posed nicely in full sunlight.P2260222 (1280x960) RSH WITH STLJAY (1280x960) This Red-shouldered Hawk was closely accompanied by a Scrub-Jay and Steller’s Jay who didn’t want the raptor to go undisturbed.siskitsennial1Siskins are all over the valley now.  In the photo below note the fuzzy-sided juvenile.P2260198 (1280x960)  st-male

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