Posted by: atowhee | November 24, 2014


These rainy days in autumn make for low light levels much of the time…so the pictures are as through a glass darkly:LEW GONELewis’s Woodpeckers spending the winter at Agate Lake as they do nearly every year. LEW IN-OAK2 LEW-IN-OAK1 LEWIS IN TREETOP LEW-LAUNCH LEWLAUNCH2Preen to be clean. LEW-PREEN

3-AH-BORDCoot next to two female Hooded Mergansers at dusk.  Then Red-tail overhead. HWK1 HWK2 lego n bares (1280x960) PB WAKEIn patch of sunlight, bright male Lesser Goldfinch.  His more migratory cousin, the American Goldfinch, is a pasty colored thing this time of year. SHOW CIRCLEShovelers go round and round, swirling in the water, creating little whirlpools to bring ducky-style giblets to the surface.  Love that pond scum. SHOW SPINTRUCVK LRK2Truck-lark. STARLING SPLASH3Rains created temporary swimming pools in the declevities of a pasture=happy Starlings. STARLING SPLASH2  rt flapz (1280x960)Red-tail lift off.STARLING SPLASH1 POST LARK2Post-lark POST LARK1 OAK TINYBaby oak; you gotta start somewhere.  Come back in a couple hundred years. KING WIREDKing of the wire.  Below: Egret soars. greg in -aire (1280x960) gcsp-grassdGolden-crowned Sparrows out to pasture.  Below: Great Blue Heron ignores the Mallards. GBH SITZ2 gbh sitz1 FOSP LURKZFox Sparrow tries ot duck recognition.  Unlike this duck below who relishes the notoriety.  Mr.Merganser, to you! COME-OH MYTwo Bufflemales in tandem swim event. BUFF TWO


  1. What fun !!!

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