Posted by: atowhee | November 8, 2014


More photos, eastern Oregon. My what a big state we have…1250 miles in four days without even a glance at Washington or Idaho.CEWA XX (1280x960)Cedar Waxwing at Sage Hen Rest Area near Burns. There was a Varied Thrush present the second time we passed through, but she would not pose for a picture.
Evening at Boat Landing Road, Malheur. That is water, not polished silver between the reeds.
EVENING LITE (1280x960) And here’s sunrise the following morning:MALHR SUNRIZE
Two raptors in Klamath Marsh: male Harrier and Rough-legged Hawk.

good as golden Golden Eagle in Christmas Valley, the most mis-named point on the Oregon map. Below: Mountain Bluebird at Sage Hen. The juniper berry crop was so heavy there the berries littered the ground. Yum.

MTN BLU ON GRND (1280x858)

ge-by bakr citGolden over Powder River, southwest of Baker City.
Below a series of larch images. In the Blue Mountains at Spring Spring creek the needles were drifting down from the branches, covering the ground with bits of gold, muffling our footfalls, creating crazyquilt patterns like bright pick-up sticks tossed across the forest floor.




roadcrackerClark’s Nutcrackers.skycrackers

Spring Creek forest, a habitat very pleasant for Great Gray Owls.
spring creek
Ever heard of Strawberry Mountain? It’s real and over 9000′ high.
sb mnt view
strwberry mtn
Part of the ghostly remains of town of Whitney, abandoned by people after they were abandoned by railroad in 1947. Somewhere between John Day and Baker City.
whitney ghostown

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