Posted by: atowhee | November 2, 2014


Latest research shows dramatic disappearance of Europe’s birdlife. Click here for story.BLACK REDSTARTBlack Redstart above.

grffn vultr2
Griffon Vulture, rfecently reintroduced into southern France.
Gray Wagtail:
Parisian House Sparrow. This species is disappearing from England despite being the so-called “English Sparrow.”
Paris hosp

Rare birds like the Griffon Vulture get conservation focus and thus can survive with continued protection. Common Euro-birds like redstarts and sparrows are declining due to loss of habitat and modern farming which includes no wasteland and heavy use of poisons. We can’t be smug in North America, not only are we losing birds buy we’re wiping out one of formerly most common butterflies, the monarch. Click here to read saddening summary of our monarch massacre.


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    This is a seriously worrying report and a challenge to all to increase our efforts to protect our environment (or what is still left of it!)

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