Posted by: atowhee | October 13, 2014


Here are Graham Lewis’s pics from our Sunday Audubon field trip:GRHM1
Savannah Sparrow above, Acorn Woodpecker below. Both at Emigrant Lake.
GRHM22014_10_12_056_lo (1280x1280)
Pear-eating Flicker.
2014_10_12_056_lo(1) (1280x1280)

2014_10_12_057_lo (1280x915)
Golden-crowned Sparrow
2014_10_12_078_lo (1280x914)

2014_10_12_103_lo (1280x914)
2014_10_12_108_lo (1280x910)

2014_10_12_121_lo (1280x913)
Flock of birders.
2014_10_12_133_lo (1280x853)


  1. Thanks for posting. Sorry I had to fly away early.,

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