Posted by: atowhee | October 10, 2014


tree owl
THis evening there was a single Screech-Owl perched in the hollow part of a maple where three young owlets were fledged last summer. Earlier in the week a Screech was to be found in each of two roost boxes placed along Granite Street. It is no longer possible to tell the young owls from the adults. P2180750 (1280x960)


  1. Hi Dick,

    Took you class and love the blog. Is there any way I can ever go on any trek with my MS and having to be in a scooter for distances? Is it possible to drive and see the owls on Granite?

    Thanks, Sharon

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    • yes, the owls are often right along the street…email or call for directions…birding at North Mountain Park can be done from paved walkway, they have feeders in the winter…the Greenway is more dangerous due to speeding bikes

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