Posted by: atowhee | August 23, 2014


I rarely see a raccoon in broad daylight. Every night at least one comes into our garden, digs worms, pushes things around, occasionally empties the fountain. But this afternoon i cut up an apple that past its chew-by date. I took the pieces out for the jays…I thought. The smell must have awakened the raccoon, who appeared, ate the apple, then went back to his daytime sleeping.COON CHEWS (1280x960)

COON EATS (1280x960)

P2110973 (1280x960)
SPTO BK (1280x960)
Male Spotted Towhee.
SPTO CLR1 (1280x960)
Male Junco
P2110892 (1280x960)P2110898 (1280x960)
On any [articular day this time of year we may get up to a dozen turkeys passing by our house. Now they are in small groups. One female comes alone, another hen comes with her four nearly full-sized young. A different group has two hens and some young, while yet another includes at least two toms who huff and puff if other turkeys get too near. That means they swivel their head back and forth, showing off the bright blue bare skin. The chest feathers are puffed out, the tail feather fanned to a near-circle. There is also a fraternal group of four males, each with a “beard” dangling on its chest.
P2110907 (1280x960)

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