Posted by: atowhee | August 6, 2014


It’s a hot, dry, smokey summer here in Ashland. A fire southeast of town has burned six homes and brought in over 1700 personnel to fight the fire. It appears to have stopped at under 37-thousand acres.
P2090888 (1280x960)
These are some of the firefighters; tents that now fill the Howard Prairie Resort. I saw equipment present from as far away as Portland (over 300 miles).
P2090890 (1280x960)

P2090893 (1280x960)

ANHU-GN2 (1280x960)
Female Anna’s Hummingbird who’s in possession of our blooming mimosa trees.
anhu-GN4 (1280x960)

cro-igationCrows near Emigrant Lake, enjoying the artificial shower and the small critters it attracts or brings to the surface.

P2090846 (1280x960)

P2090869 (1280x960)

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