Posted by: atowhee | July 25, 2014


This time year it is easy to find birds doing what comes naturally: being young.
Here is the one young Screech-Owl I could find today from the Lithia Park nest, roosting abut thirty feet from where it was born. No sign of the other three owlets could I find.


Late in the day I found a second owlet, right in the nest cavity…click here for that blog.
spto yng (1280x960)
Young Spotted Towhee, still fuzzy and streaky on the chest.
spto yng2 (1280x960)

wodu yng maleYoung Wood Duck male in LIthia Park.

blph youngYoung Black Phoebe flycatching at Ashland Pond.

crow beg (1280x960)
Crow in tree begging from parent on same limb–at Ashland Pond. Then Crow on grouknb beggin from parent in front of thw house where we stayed for a few days this week in Portland.
crow beg-2 (1280x960)

crow begs


  1. […] To see picture of the first owlet, click here. […]

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