Posted by: atowhee | July 11, 2014


Western Screech-Owls, Lithia Park There are three owlets visible in the hollow trunk, upper back, far right and lower left. I am told there are five owlets in this nest site this year.
owlet cu-x

owlet sleep

owlets two

Here is what I believe to be the father of the owlets, in his private roost box about 200 yards from the nest tree. He and the female now have the task of feeding and training their litter.


2014 07 09_Willow-Witt Ranch, Ashland OR_8057_edited-12014 07 09_Willow-Witt Ranch, Ashland OR_8076_edited-1
These photos were taken the morning of the 9th of July. The fledgling owlet was on the trunk, then joined by its mother. Photos from Cathy Beck, a birder visiting from Bend.

2014 07 09_Willow-Witt Ranch, Ashland OR_8071_edited-12014 07 09_Willow-Witt Ranch, Ashland OR_8064_edited-1 I await word from the landowners about whether the owlet has been seen since and has made it up into the trees where it will be safer. Great gray Owlets are always flightless when they fledge, making them vulnerable to all sorts of mishaps.


  1. […] Seven years ago Peter got pictures of an owlet newly fledged. This time the kiddo climbed onto a fall… The older sibling had earlier left the nest and vanished, down some predator’s gullet no doubt. Mom left the fuzz-ball on the log and flew off. Peter supposed she was going to get food from the male. Instead she circled around and flew at Peter’s head from behind. A gentle scraping of the hat was her message. Peter took the hint and left the scene. A month later we re-found the owlet, starting to grow real owl feathers and following dad through the canopy. […]

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