Posted by: atowhee | July 5, 2014


These photos taken at Great Gray Owl nest in Cascades. Terry Doyle wielding the camera.great gray owl edited-8

great gray owl edited-9

great gray owl edited-11

great gray owlet

Rogue Valley Audubon Society is beginning a program to construct and place nest platforms on private land hospitable to the Great Gray Owl. There are only a handful of platforms already in existence in Jackson County which may have Oregon’s largest population of Great Gray Owls. If you want to send a donation to help RVAS put up more platforms (it’s tax deductible), send the money to Rouge Valley Audubon, PO Box 8597, Medford, OR. 97501.


  1. A few weeks ago (November) I saw a Great Gray Owl in my yard in Washington county west of Portland! They are not supposed to be in the Willamette Valley at all! The state wildlife department page calls them “uncommon to rare” above 3,000 feet in the Cascade, Blue, and Wallowa mountains. I found your page while looking for info on Great Grey Owls in Oregon, and your pictures are a dead ringer for the bird I saw (truly gray, a lot of the images on the net look more brown). I’ve been looking for some place to report this sighting. Guess this is it. Thanks for your page, I’m going to explore some more.

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