Posted by: atowhee | July 1, 2014


I have a birding class coming up this month here in Ashland, then two classes at Pt.Reyes at the end of summer.2014 GGO 1This photo of an adult and nestling Great Gray Owl was taken by Peter Thiemann. Young owls are one of the topics we will cover in my class for Ashland Park and Rec. It’s called “The Next Generation,” and will focus on the fledgling and immature birds so abundant in mid-summer.
The lecture is at 630pm on Thursday, July 17. The field trip is the following Saturday, the 19th, at 830AM. You can register by calling Ashland Nature Center at 541-488-6606.
The classes at Pt. Reyes Field Institute are September 13 and 14. The Saturday class is on fall birds in Marin, emphasis on the migrants coming down the coast and newly arrived for the winter. The Sunday class is about climate change and birds. In addition to classroom sessions we will visit some habitats and talk about could happen in each one. Click here for details on the Pt. Reyes classes and how to register.

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