Posted by: atowhee | June 14, 2014


Canada’s wealth-making exploitation of its tar sands for oil and gas is hurting wildlife, specifically birds. That’s the conclusion of the National Wildlife Federation. Click here to see their report.
Of course, energy and making money off of energy has long been more important to those with power than preserving the health of the planet. Just think of oil spills from Valdez to the Gulf of Mexico, from Ecuador to Nigeria. Think DDT, or PCBs, or windmills chopping up hawks and bats or agricultural monocultures based on heavy use of pesticides or…the list of human exploitation schemes around the planet is almost endless…and all of us living organisms are paying the price.
Some climate change studies are already predicting we are entering a new age of mass extinctions. The tar sands is just another egregious footnote as we “thinking” mammals seem bent to pushing our only inhabitable planet to catastrophe. If we’re so smart why don’t we stop this ?

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