Posted by: atowhee | June 6, 2014


I am co-leading a trip to Malheur for Klamath Bird Observatory. S’posed to be a general birding trip but it seems to have become an owl-athon.
GGO-DIMR1I took this picture of a Great Gray Owl hunting along Dead Indian Memorial Road within 90 minutes of our trip’s beginning.

Later that morning we stopped at this eagle nest near Klamath Lake.
This Short-eared Owl was on a utility pole along Sodhouse Road just west of the Malheur Visitors Center.
Then later we saw a Great Horned Owl on a utility pole at mid-day on Ruh-red Road; then a pair of Burrowing Owls in a private cow pasture on the east end of Sodhouse Road.


And those owl cousins, the nightjars, are sleeping around: CONI ON SWNG


  1. What a great day of birding. I haven’t had much luck with owls yet – just brief glimpses of Barred Owls or hearing their calls in the woods. So to see 4 species in one day? – just amazing!

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