Posted by: atowhee | April 20, 2014


Another headline for this blog could be “Wags Wage War.” It is not just human politics that seem cursed with constant civil and uncivil war. While the sunny, lush lawns of Audley End summoned human picnickers and casually hunting Rooks, there was also internecine warfare.
There were Pied Wagtails hunting:PWAG1


pwag-daisies Those white spots in the lawn: healthy looking ENGLISH daisies, of course. And also on the lawn, a foraging Yellow Wagtail come up from the nearby River Cam.




There were two Pied and only one Yellow. As I saw the Pieds begin to saunter menacingly toward the Yellow I knew this would not end peacefully and began shooting:

The Yellow felt threatened and attacked first.
WAG-WARS2 Here is intial contact after the first attack by the Yellow Wag:WAG WARS-CONTCT


In the end I believe the Pied held the field and the Yellow went back to the nearby riverbank which is his more natural habitat than open ground.
Unlike so many human battles I think this one ended with far more bluff than bloodshed. I did not see a single feather fall onto the battlefield.

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