Posted by: atowhee | April 17, 2014


We were in Verulamium Park today, named for the old Roman city that preceded St. Albans…and a Red Kite soared over us. It was the first time I’d seen this species in this country. It successfully was re-introduced in the last forty years…after having been exterminated. Back in Shakespeare time the Red Kite was abundant, cleaning the offal and awful off the streets and roads.RKITE1

RKITE2 Those missing feathers on the wings show molt in process. This spring several kites have died in one part of England from poison. Persons or persons responsible have not been found. It is not known whether they were the intended target or simply ate other poisoning victims. Red Kites like Ravens and Bald Eagles are voracious scavengers as well as hunters. I’ve seen them thick at trash dumps in Morocco where landfills are a foreign concept. There they compete with the White Storks and human rag-pickers for the best goodies

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