Posted by: atowhee | March 20, 2014


I made a round rip to Eugene this week, got to speak before the Obsidians outdoors and hiking club and sell them some of those great FREEWAY BIRDING books. Having a copy of the book with me, I checked out some of the birding spots along I-5.BCC-CRSWLL (1280x960) Chickadee, Garden Lake, Creswell.

BLLFRG1 (1280x960)Bullfrog, Creswell.

SHARPIE-BFRDSharp-shinned Hawk in oaks, Buford Recreation Area, Eugene.

VATH HIDESVaried Thrush, also at Buford. Not anywhere near the Sharpie, of course.3DUX-PLATI (2)Hoodie and pair of Wigeons in small pond near Plat I Reservoir, Sutherlin. Later in the spring this location has spring Purple Martins. This week I saw only Tree Swallows.DCC-CRSWLL
Do7ble-crested Cormorants, Creswell. Youngsters have pale chests.
DCC-DUO (1280x960)

fawn lily=14Fwn lily, Merlin rest area.

GWT-PLATI Gfree-winged Teal male, PLat I.

P1910222 Blue-eyed Grass, Merlin.

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