Posted by: atowhee | March 5, 2014


The Malheur trio in June that is sponsored by Klamath Bird Observatory is full. But two slots just opened for the mid-June trip sponsored by Point Reyes Field Institute. Come along and see a Common Nighthawk face-to-face and watch Black Terns hawking insects and get a Bobolink on your Oregon life list.
Click here for info on the trip.
Common Nighthawknighthawk 1217
sora rail 2 0962
White-faced Ibis
white-faced ibis 0920
Female Wilson’s Phalarope, a breeding species in Malheur
wilson's phalarope 0934
Male Yellow-headed Blackbird
yelow-head ed blackbird 0796 Allthese photos were taken on prior June trip by photographer/birder George Peterson.

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