Posted by: atowhee | February 28, 2014


geag-togthr Two Golden Eagles soaring over Dead Indian Memorial Road last week. A courting or mated pair.

geag abov One of the eagles.


GGO-TBL-ROK Great Horned Owl on nest along Table Rock Road north of Touvelle.

GHO-MALE Great Horned Owl male on guard near nest along Cave Creek off Dead Indian Road

gho-nest1 Tha Cave Creek nest with female incubating.


KEST-WIRE1 Kestrel along Dead Indian.

MCLAUGH-DUSK Mt. McLauhglin beyond what’s left of Howard Prairie Lake. Dusk.


  1. Raptorlicious. Love the “ears” poking up over the nest.

    Yes, I know they aren’t actual ears, I was being humorous. I have two Audubon parents. If you even twitch towards lecturing me like they do, I will beat you to death with a Sibley’s guide.

    Okay, breathe.

  2. […] Indian Memorial Road.  Same place where I had a pair perched side by die in an oak last month.  Here is post at end of February when I was much closer to an eagle pair, perhaps this one.  It was along this same stretch of […]

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