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Klamath Bird Observatory’s MOUNTAIN BIRD FESTIVAL is now accepting registrations. The Festival is based in Ashland, Oregon. It’s May 31-June 1. Click to go to festival home page.
The festival will raise money to help support KBO’s on-going habitat and avian population studies in the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion of southwest Oregon and Northern California. As science gets less and less support from state and federal politicians it is important to find other sources of support for the needed field work to learn and help predict the effects of climate change and habitat management decisions on both public and private land. Much of the conifer forests in our region are publicly owned, but most oak woodland and a portion of grasslands are in private hands. Science and public information are thus critical in shaping futures of all 3 habitats.
In addition KBO has several strong partnerships with conservation and science groups in Latin America where many of our migratory breeding birds spend a major part of each year.
These are some of the birds we’re hoping to show our festival birders this spring:
GGO PERFCT (1018x1280) Great Gray Owl near Howard Prairie Lake. 2009-06-14-_R1Z3115Calliope Hummingbird male at about 3500″ elevation near Ashland.
Sandhill Cranes, 5-25-2013, near Lily GlenSandhill Crane with two colts near Howard Prairie east of Ashland.
a href=””>2010-06-16-_R1Z7099 Mountain Bluebird.

Oregon 2010 097American Dipper.

Oregon 2010 102 Ruffed Grouse.
triuc akone Tricolored Blackbird.

btp eatin' FEB (1280x960)
Band-tailed Pigeon.
FERRUGY DRK-CU1 Ferruginous Hawk, this is the dark morph individual that has been regularly seen southeast of Klamath Falls.

DUE DRINX Townsend’s Solitaire, seen here drinking next to a Robin.


  1. The Ashland Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to the festival.

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