Posted by: atowhee | February 6, 2014


These are recent photos from Tule Lake NWR taken by my friend, Peter Thiemann. He estimates there may be as many as 40 Eurasian Wigeon among the thousands of American Wigeon there. With the cold weather and drought, there’s limited open water for the birds so Tundra Swans, geese and ducks are jammed into limited space. That promise of an easy meal draws in the Bald Eagles.Dike Eagles

Eagle panik 1

Eagle Panik 2

Eurasian 1
The Eurasian males have the cinnamon-colored heads with a creamy heads stripe compared to the whiter stripe on a green head for Americans.
Eurasian 2

Swan formation
Some other large white birds–pelicans, geese, Whooping Cranes–have black wing tips, but not swans (nor egrets).

Tundra 1In this last picture you can clearly see a male Pintail with his neck stretched on the right hand side of the image.

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