Posted by: atowhee | January 28, 2014


west canada
This is a beautiful section of the British Columbia coast. It is where the big energy companies want to locate an LNG port to ship liquified LNG to China from Canada’s tar sands. The idea for this one is known as the Kitimat LNG Project. It is one of several that profit-hungry energy companies are pushing through the Canadian government which is now dominated by pro-business, conservative (not conservation) politics.
This pipeline will run across the Rockies for over 300 miles. The corporations behind it have now agreed to pay $200-million to fifteen First Nations for putting the pipeline through their land. Here’s the website of the project.
This will not be good news for any of the wildlife trying to live in the area or along the pipeline. IT certainly means the photo I posted here will be strictly of historic interest as the tankers start coming and going.

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