Posted by: atowhee | January 8, 2014


I will be leading a trip up the California Coast this September. It starts Sept. 15 in LA, ends on 21st in San Francisco. Lots of good birds along the way, including Island Scrub-Jay, seen only on Santa Cruz Island off Ventura. Still some slots left so let me know. Click here for complete itinerary.
Of course, we’ll be looking for the big guy. Here are shots I took on this trip in 2011:CONDOR OVERHEAD



In addition to Santa Cruz Island we will bird Palos Verde, Morro Bay, Big Sur, Monterey, Elkhorn Slough and San Francisco. If you have birding friends back east, this is their chance to fill out their Pacific Coast wish list. It will be at the height of shorebird migration. Red-necked Phalarope all around. Plovers, sandpipers, Tattler, Surfbird, Godwit and more.


  1. Do you think people know that is a condor? A place to spot them in the past is the northern end of big sur. Several years ago they had a station there and the birds flew down near the highway so that gave us some concern.

    By the way, on your blog post for the eating eagle, the pictures do not show up. I saw it on your last posting and was amazed to see an eagle eating in flight. Now you have solved the WHY. Thanks.


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