Posted by: atowhee | December 30, 2013


We went hunting Great Gray Owls. What we found were woodpeckers. There were several Lewis’s Woodpeckers at MP 10 on Hwy 66. Then the carcass dump site at MP 12 had a collection of Ravens and 4 Black-billed Magpies…plus the smelly deer carcasses.
On Little Hyatt Lake Road there was almost no snow, but there were busy Pileateds:P1810882


pil back

pil lean1

pil on side1

pil on side2

pil on-hi

pil on-trnk1The Pileateds were at aroiund 4800′ elevation, along with hundreds of Robins feeding on the ground. No snow at that elevation.

pil on-trnk2

pil on-trnk3


sharpie This Sharpie was along Hwy 66, not fare from where I’d seen a Sharpie a couple days back. Same bird, likely. Dick Ashford points out this bird’s heavy head and other field marks that indicate it is a Cooper’s Hawk despite a squared-off appearing tail. It was pretty large and visible for as Sharpie. Lots of Juncos and sparrows around in the brush.

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