Posted by: atowhee | December 17, 2013


During a trip to Marin County earlier this month I got in some serious TV-watching. And at least one of the Turkey Vultures put on an impressive exhibition of soaring in a spectacular setting.TV-TWO (1280x960)
The Turkey Vulture is present at Pt. Reyes year round andis even more abundant there in winter when some individuals arrive from further north.
TV-TWOb (1280x960)



TV ON RUDGE Deer may be as common in Marin as they are in Ashland. And as tame.

TV OVR OCEAN (1280x960)

TV-SIDE1 (1280x960)

TV-TURN1 (1280x960)

TV movin’ on: TV GONE Much furtheriland another Turkey Vulture began the day hoping for a sunshine and warmth.
tv in treee
brcr up (1280x960)
Brown Creeper on its favorite live oak.
brcr-crtch (1280x960)

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