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Why go to Klamath basin and nearby Butte valley in December? Why not? The Bald Eagle count is not what it will be in February, sure. And this month there is little open water due to the extended cold temps, but there is plenty to see. Both eagles and down the line of raptors to Kestrel and Merlin. And the Mountain Bluebirds, Horned Larks and mix of blackbirds make songbirding worthwhile.BEAG BK1-third yr

beag on-nst
This eagle nest is along the Auto Tour Route of Lower Klamath NWR. As the eagles get serious about mating and egg-laying this road will be closed and you will no longer be able to get close enough to watch the nest and the two adult eagles that rule this particular roost.
BEAGL IN NST1 (1280x960)


BREAG ON GRD (1280x960)

EAGLS-UP (1280x960)

iced tree

ICED-A (1280x960)

KLAMATH KOLD1ferr-on-bar
Ferrugy at the bar, rather, on the bar.
FERRU IN AIR-X (1280x960)Ferruginous Hawk coming in for landing.

FERRU LANDING1 (1280x960)

RLH-ON-PVT1 (1280x960) Rough-legged Hawk on a pivot, about as high in the air as they ever perch. Being from flat tundra, the don’t seek out high perches as do some raptors.
RTH-DRK BK1st yr First year Red-tail, very dark version.

RUDU ON BLU (1280x960) This was one of several female Ruddy Ducks on a tiny ice-bound pool of open water.
Birding in Klamath will continue to be exciting all winter. I will be teaching a Klamath Klass for Ashland’s North Mountain Park nature center in January. Lecture is the evening of Jan 23, field trip on Saturday the 25th. There are still some openings for that class (klass).
Then in February I will be at the Klamath Falls WINTER WINGS Bird Festival. Registration is now open. I will give a duck talk followed by duck walk. Some ways to sort out this little drab female ducks and males NOT in breeding plumage. I will also give a couple talks on birding along Interstate % and maybe even sell some books on same. Hope to see you there.
Bring you long underwear.

merlin marvy

white wing
Note how light shows through bluebird’s “blue” wing.
TWIN GEAGL (1280x960)

robins road
Thirsty Robins find ice melt in road.
pavmnt ends

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