Posted by: atowhee | October 21, 2013


As I walked around Ashland Pond this evening, I heard a familiar refrain. The bouncing-ball song of the Wrentit. This bird was in the dense berry tangle at the deep end of the pond. Though these birds are always, it is only an occasional treat to have one confirm its presence.
I note there are no ducks on the pond and have been none this month. While many ducks are gathering on other ponds and lakes in the area, Ashland Pond remains unpopulated. There must be some fish as I see a Kingfisher regularly and he seems to catch small fish.
There are no dabblers, not even a single Mallard. There are no predatory ducks (divers) either. What has happened to the pond life since last spring’s loss of water and the reworking of the inflow from a side stream of Ashland Creek?

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