Posted by: atowhee | October 18, 2013


Mr. Sobotka was on the OLLI birding trip today and never laid aside his fine camera… so here are some of the results:BEGLE Bald Eagle over Emigrant Lake.

BLPH-FR Black Phoebe at Emigrant Lake water slide.

GCSO-FR3 Golden-crowned Sparrow, North Mountain. He’s showing off that golden crown of the adult male bird.



LEWO-FR Lewis’s Woodpecker, Emigrant Lake

Osprey fishing at Emigrant Lake.

RBG-FR Ring-billed Gulls, dark one is first year bird.

RBS-FR Red-breasted Sapsucker at North Mountain.


RTH-FR Red-tailed Hawk.


WAX-FR Cedar Waxwing

YRWA-FR Yellow-rumped Warbler


  1. […] CLICK HERE FOR A GALLERY FROM THIS FIELD TRIP TAKEN BY A LENS ARTIST. Our OLLI birding class had a perfect morning for birding. We started first at North Mountain Park, then went out to Emigrant Lake. The raptor roster for the day was impressive: three falcons, both eagles, two Osprey, Red-tails and a White-tailed Kite. Perhaps the most exciting sighting was a Red-breasted Sapsucker in bold, bright sunlight. Perhaps the most unusual sighting: two Steller’s Jays at North Mountain which is not their usual habitat. Other birds of note: Merlin, several Purple Finches and Yellow Warbler at North Mountain. 5 Pintails, 2 Lesser Scaup, Herring Gull, Eared Grebe and my first Bufflehead of the season on Emigrant Lake. In our class we had looked at Cackling Geese images, compared to the usual Canada Goose. Sure enough, there was a lone Cackler among the many bigger geese. Both the Osprey and Yellow Warbler are pretty late migrants, species that are almost never seen here […]

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