Posted by: atowhee | September 27, 2013


Good news from Lower Klamath NWR: water is now flowing and there are some areas flooded enough for ducks and geese. Bad news: there was no water until twelve days ago so the area covered by water is still only a bout 1000 acres. The manager of the refuge told us that’s less than one-tenth of what should be flooded right now.
I was birding the Basin with a group organized by Pt. Reyes Field Institute. We got about 70 species today. ferru-big mouth Ferruginous “big Mouth” Hawk in Butte Valley.

PIPIT ON ROAD (1280x1280) American Pipit playing in the road.

shasta stuns Mt. Shasta being its usual self, rising above it all.

Abundant migrants in Klamath today: several hundred Yellow-rumped Warblers, many dozen Pipits in Butte Valley, tens of thousands of Greater White-fronted Geese packed into the small lakes that now exist on Lower Klamath NWR, over 200 Sandhill Cranes, an endless stream of Barn and Tree swallows headed south.
The juniper berry crop this year appears to be very rich, good news for berry eaters. Today we saw Cedar Waxwings Robins, both bluebird and Townsend’s Solitaire. The roadsides were crowded with Lesser Goldfinches cleaning up the weed seeds

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