Posted by: atowhee | September 23, 2013


Taken August 11 at Emigrant Lake. This bird was alone and unlike the peeps around it. P1680416 (1280x1280)

P1680417 (1280x1280)

P1680418 (1280x1280)

P1680419 (1280x1280)

P1680424 (1280x1280)
The yellow legs are obvious, but the distinct eyebrow seems to eliminate Lesser yellowlegs and its back is quite brown…the beak doesn’t seem long enough for a Stilt Sandpiper but I don’t know that species well enough to be sure.

FINAL CONCLUSIION: A PECTORAL THAT I COMPLETELY OVERLOOKED. THERE WERE LESSER YELLOWLEGS PRESENT AND I SIMPLY LUMPED HIM IN WITH THEM AND DIDN’T PAY ATTENTION UNTIL JUST TODAY WHEN I WAS CULLING PICTURES AND REALIZED THIS ONE WAS NOT IDENTIFIED AND WASN’T A LESSER OF ANYTHING! A juvenile Least Sandpiper, up close and in bright plumage. I probably thought so at the time as I never labeled the photos that day and anything tat astrikes me as unusual I will label in some way so it can be re-found. Aren’t shorebirds fun? Like first year gulls only more so.


  1. can’t tell the size from the pics, but It could be a pectoral sandpiper

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