Posted by: atowhee | September 15, 2013


Peter Thiemann had coincidentally gone to Crescent City at the same time I was passing through. This is a great time of year for cool fog and migrating birds along the Redwood Coast. Here’s a gallery of some of Peter’s shots:Black O Black Oystercatcher, one of our few resident shorebirds and hardly ever seen away from a rocky coastline. Not a sand lover.

In a fog-shrouded world of black and gray and blue those orange mandibles, the pink legs the red eye–good signaling devices. Yet when he tucks his head in, folds his legs and and squats on a wet rock, presto disappear.

Pectoral 2
Pectoral Sandpiper
Pectoral S

Tattler 1
Wandering Tattlr. Ths far north the tattler is only a bird of passage as it rarely winters in Oregon.
Tattler 2

TurnstoneBlack Turnstone, often with Surfbirds, known collectively as rockpipers. Throw in a tattler or Purple Sandpiper and you have the whole informal clan.

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