Posted by: atowhee | August 30, 2013


This was our final day on the coast. There were myriad shorebirds at Heceta Beach this morning. By 6pm there were only a handful of gulls. The day had been bright and windy and I think the whole multitude headed south. Some morning shots:4 SHOREBIRDS Semipalmated Plover with neck ring, two Western and the small bird in the back: Least Sandpiper. Heceta Beach.

BL-TURN (1280x671) Black Turnstone surrounded by peeps. Turnstones, of course, are most often found on rocky shorelines but this flat sand must have held plenty of food because of the shorebird density.

DOWS WITH GULLTwo Short-billed Dowitchers with first year Western Gull.S-B-DDowitcher close up.

WESA C-UWestern Sandpiper portrait.

PELS ON ROX Brown Pelicans and variety of gulls and cormorants far across the water from Bastendorff Beach.Bastendorff (1280x1280)

Cliff Face above Bstsendorff which is just south of Charleston.

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