Posted by: atowhee | July 27, 2013


darner (1280x1280) (2) Here is a vivid dancer, clinging to the end of a blackberry twig. You can compare his size to that of average-sized blackberries nearby. The berries, BTW, have been ripening this week and those with enough soil moisture are as wonderful as ever. amsel1
This particular dragonfly was near Ashland Pond. In the valley the past two weeks the dragonfly population has been seemingly at its peak. In sunny spots I sometimes I see whole squadrons on patrol for any small prey.
“Dragonfly leader to eight-spot-1, small cluster of midges at oh-seven hundred. Zoom for attack.”
As a Brit would say, “Dragonflies are bloody wonderful.”


  1. Believe that is a damselfly.

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