Posted by: atowhee | July 27, 2013


bcch in wiloBlack-capped Chickadee almost visible in our garden’s willow tree. Right now the whole chickadee family shows up to feed together. There are two parents, two young it seems.
bcch in wilo

bhg looks (1280x1280)
Black-headed Grosbeak in deep shade on a very hot day.
bhg on lim (1280x1280)

grhernon (1280x1280)Green Heron leannnnnning over log at Ashland Pond.

lego breakful Bright male Lesser Goldfinch in our garden. Very dark back.

lego clr

lego c-u

lego eatseed

lego prtty1teasel beautTeasel is an invasive weed from Europe but birds love its seeds and it survives in some pretty harsh habitat. Its flowers attract a lot of bees when blooming, and the plant presents a tough beauty to the watching world. It’s proper name is Dipsacus fullonum. Teasel thrives only in the southwestern quarter of Oregon as well as other parts of the U.S. with a mild climate. It will appreciate climate change, no doubt.
CalWeedMapper online shows that teasel is heaviest along the coast, in the Sacramento River Valley and across much of Siskiyou County. In a model o understatement the website notes that teasel can be a problem when it forms thickets impervious to man or livestock.
flkr bak (1280x1280) (1280x1280) Northern Flicker, a shady character on a very hot day.

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