Posted by: atowhee | July 26, 2013


spto tailspto frnt There were two of these birds in my garden this week. They liked the feeders and enjoyed the hospitality of our little bird swimming pool as well.

spto leans Not a warbler’s beak, or a jay. Note the tail length.
spto juvie (1280x1280)

spto juvie
Some white spots on the tail, some white flecking on the back.
spto tailwhite
YES, FLEDGLING SPOTTED TOWHEES. And here’s dad feeding nearby:
spto male1spto flite (1280x1280)


  1. New camera’s working very well, Harry! Here I thought they were mutant sparrows, but not so.

  2. In northern Calif the juvies are popping out everywhere too, and it’s great fun.

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