Posted by: atowhee | July 10, 2013


Here are three photo montages from Wendy Nauro’s trip with me to Malheur late in June. She seemed to have gotten some decent shots over the three days. Thanks to Wendy for the editing and then the sharing of her work. She was almost never without her camera in hand. And a mighty piece of equipment it was, too. Not a point and shooter. 2013-07-02Oregon June 20131Oregon June 20132 (1280x989) My favorite may be the Caspian Tern with a fish as big as its head already partly down the throat. The Bobolink’s back, viewed through windblown grass is also wonderful. And there’s the Great Horned Owl hiding in his crevice to avoid the harsh sun at Page Springs. Every shot is a memory or two for all the birders on this trip.


  1. Lovely photos. I like the kestrel.

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