Posted by: atowhee | June 29, 2013


FERRU GAPES2 (1280x1280)SWHA ON POLE1 (1280x1280) We call it the “raptor run,” from Malheur up across The Narrows to Ruh-Red Road, thence to Lawen ( a terrible place to visit and you wouldn’t wsnt to live there), on east to Crane throughj irrigated fields of rodents, and hay. Then south to Princeton and from there west back to Malheur.
Today was baking hot, slight breeze, bright sun and fine birding. Above two shots of different Swainson’s Hawk. Our best ferruginous viewing was of bird in middle of large field, standing ground. There were members of both eagle tribes plus two Prairie Falcon and a scad of Red-tails. Home tomorrow with more than 100 species in three days of birding southern Oregon.

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