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This is the season of young birds, nestlings demanding food, busy to-ing and fro-ing at nest holes, parent birds ferrying food. In our garden this morning a family of five Black-capped Chickadees showed up for suet. At Ashland Pond between rain squalls this afternoon two families of Northern Rough-winged Swallows were feeding–the youngster clung to slender weed stalks in the pond while adults carried back insects to feed them.
Here are some pictures from yesterday’s birding in Klamath Basin:HOWR TWO (1280x1280) <howr enters (1280x1280)
Here we have House Wrens attending to their hungry young inside a willow limb next to Klamath Lake.
HOWR FLITE (1280x1280)

HOWR LEANS OVER (1280x1280)

howr looksout (1280x1280)

howr on lim (1280x1280)
Below a Black Tern at Shoalwater Bay next to Eagle Ridge.
bl tern wings (1280x1280)

This is just part of the crowd of Cliff Swallows at one water flow control point along the auto route. I estimated there were over 400 swallows here, many of them young. One of those iron railings along held 95 birds. Some young were on the gravel to soak up the solar warmth.P1630927 (1280x1280)
CRANES AND MORE Sandhill Cranes at Howard Prairie. Big birds in background are White Pelican and Canadf Geese.

KLMTH CRANES-1 Some of the more than 30 Sandhill Cranes along the Klamath NWR Auto Route in California.

WPEL PAIR A pair of White Pelicans fishing in Shoalwater Bay. Below one of the pair of Great Horned Owls along the auto route. GHO BLINK



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