Posted by: atowhee | May 31, 2013


Here’s what it looked like getting to Malheur on May 30, 2013:buffalo roam1 Bison herd just westof Klamath Marsh NWR.HOLA ON POST (1280x1280)Horned Lark on post, not far from bison.
LAZ UP (1280x1280) Lazuli Bunting male in Cascades near Ashland.
The following four pics were taken at Rocky Point on Klamath Lake: WEGR SIDE (1280x1280)
Western Grebe.
WEGR-KLMTH1 (1280x1280)

yewa ml1
Yellow Warbler male who was singing from top of a lakeside willow.
yewa ml2prong4
These pronghorn were west of Klamath Marsh. Cascades in background.prong vista
prong-runing The pronghorn is the fastest mammal in North America.

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