Posted by: atowhee | May 9, 2013


Somebody has written a book entitled WHAT ROBINS KNOW. Tonight I can tell you, they know a lot. And today they communicated at least one thing they knew.

The Magee Marsh Boardwalk runs through dense, damp forest. It is the beating heart of the most visited bird festival in America. On good days there can be twenty or more species of warblers seen from this boardwalk. Add two to four vireos, Woodcock, Whippoorwill, Scarlet Tanager, Baltimore Oriole, some sparrows and woodpeckers and omnipresent Red-winged Blackbirds and you have a birdy place indeed. But not every day is memorable. Today began in an ordinary way, and so it went until…

Late this afternoon, after a rather humdrum day on the boardwalk, I was chatting with some small remnant of the day’s birding contingent. Off to our right a few Robins began making a loud ruckus. They must have something that has made them mad, I said. A House Wren also screamed and bounced with anger. Another birder nearby said she saw something big fly into that area. A quick scan turned up an unmistakable profile: le owl1


LEOWL-3 This was a Long-eared Owl, unusual here in northern Ohio. As soon as the owl’s presence was tweeted a big crowd gathered. Over a hundred birders, many with two-foot long camera lenses crowded around the places where the owl could be seen.LEO-SIDE VU

Male American Goldfinch.
BTTRN American Bittern

BULLFROG Bullfrog.

PUMA PERCH Purple Martin on imitation gourd nest sight.

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