Posted by: atowhee | April 23, 2013


AVOCET BEAUT Avocet being beautiful in perfect light. Photographers’ delight.

avocts n dowtchrs American Avocets swim in pond behind sleeping Long-billed Dowitchers. The latter may still have thousand of miles to fly. The avocet is already on breeding terrtiory. Pond at Malheur HQ.

grebe by grebe Taken at The Narrows on Hwy 205. Grebe by grebe, Western in back, Clark’s in front. Also common at Malheur are Pied-billed and Eared Grebes. All four species breed there.

yellow-head Yellow-headed Blackbird at Malheur HQ.
YHB IN WIRE TANLGE Male Yellow-headed Blackbird in tangle of wires.
IMG_5022 (1280x960) Black-necked Stilts huddled behind tuft of grass to get out of strong winds. This was along Ruh-Red Road.
STILT SPLITS Stilt doing the splits on his spindly legs.

owl in box (889x1280) Owl-in-a-box. Great Horned at top of stairs of abandoned watch tower at Malheur HQ. This tower now belongs to the nesting owls each spring.

NTTLS C-TAL The compact Nuttall’s Cottontail. At Malheur Field Station where they are quite tame.
COTTONTL SIZE This is good for size comparison.TOWNSEND CTTNTAL (1280x960) Cotton tail on aptly named cottontail,.

MARMOT FACE1 Yellow-bellied Marmot huddled between metal skign borad and stone wall the big bipeds could not get at him. Buena Vista overlook.


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