Posted by: atowhee | April 7, 2013


This is not a typo. Today a pair of Bushtits were indeed busy tits. Both male and female were ferrying fuzzy bits place inside their woven next sac. This nest hangs about six feet off the ground in a small plum tree along Ashland Creek. It looks like their were doing the interior of the place where eggs and nestlings will soon be.
Bird is in the far upper right corner of the frame.
BT-APPROACH1 (1280x1091)
BT-LOOKS AT NEST Here the Buhtit is below the nest with fuzz clutchEd in HER beak. Just before she lands on the nest above.

BUSHTIT HEAD-IN (1280x960)
This is the female Bushtit, see her pale eye. It is possible she does the building though the male was nearby in a berry bramble, lending at least morale support. She landed in the plum about two feet from nest, looked around, then flew to perch just below nest opening before landing on outside of nest, and then entering. Head first, of course. She placed her fluff on the nest sac wall and then flew out.
Here’s what the full nest looks like from the back, opening on other side. It is about fifteen inches long with center hanger connected to branches above and the bottom resting on a small limb that may add some support as well.bushtit nest sac--2013


  1. New nest or remodel of old.

    • Thanks for the great pictures and explanations–I’ve never seen a bushtit nest and didn’t know what to look for. Now I do!

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